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Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care Free Essay Example, 2250 words

Some people who are normal or have not witnesses a person suffer from stroke even in the present day are likely to associate it with a disability. However, the management of the problems causing stroke can make a person to understand whatever that takes place leading to the occurrence of such ailments (MacCourt, 215). Politically, when stroke is seen as a disability, then it has the potential of destroying a person’s political dream or career. This is because people are not likely to have such persons vie for political seats to lead them. They see them as having short lives that can end any time without having them experience any development. Therefore, the people tend to deny them the opportunities to lead them since they believe that disability is just equal to the inability that a person may have. Therefore, the people will deny those suffering from stroke political support and even social support. The people suffering from stroke suffer psychologically because of the trauma that they go through in the hands of other people. People at times abuse them and equate them to the dead. We will write a custom essay sample on Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Equating a person who is alive to death is enough to make the person die because it is as the person is just a burden in this world (Ember and Melvin 33). Task 2 The raw facts concerning the number of disabled person in the country are challenging to collect (Neal and Sharron 88)The number of persons with mental disabilities and require rehabilitation in order for their condition to return to normalcy is about six million. One of the primary causes of disabilities is mental illnesses. The collection of data on the number of disabled person in a country is crucial in the future planning of a country for better productivity. In addition, the data can serve to aid in the implementation of programs that will ensure the prosperity of the country as a block as opposed to having divisions of the disabled and normal persons. Such divisions have the effect of weakening the country in all aspects ranging from economic down to social and political aspects. The Medicare Part D aptly examines the drug prescription coverage for the beneficiaries of medical care taken in the year 2006 in the first month of the year. The beneficiaries involved in this cove rage system have zero coverage or just some drug coverage that is generic in nature. This section was in place for the purpose of meeting various set goals such as the protection against some dreadful realized usage and spending of drugs and considerable underuse in some.

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Wards Model Essay Example Pdf - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 10 Words: 3040 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? In their book- Corporate Financial Strategy-(CFS), Bender and ward (1995) had tried to build closer links between finance and strategy. Dealing first with CFS, it should not be considered with corporate finance as the discipline addresses a range of issues which interconnects finance and competitive strategies. In the book, they based their model with the product life cycle (PLC) by matching external sources of finance to strategies for corporate development throughout the life cycle of a company and composed financial elements mainly venture capital, debt, dividend, profit, P/E, and risk into the model. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Wards Model Essay Example Pdf" essay for you Create order In their model, they tried to describe each stage of the PLC and the effects on these financial elements throughout the stages of the company life cycle and described in details how to raise finance throughout the company life cycle and whether to pay dividend or retain earnings etc. In this article, the main purpose is to analyse each stage of their model and how these stages have effects on these elements and evaluate the model in terms of its strength and weaknesses and recommendations if any to improve the model. Bender and Wards model The use of the PLC concept as a framework to formulate and implement timely financial strategies can be justified in bender and wards model of CFS as they have adopted the same curve as PLC where the main objective is to ensure overall company profitability and maximize shareholders wealth over the life cycle. In their model, they describe optimal financial decisions that a company should take at various stages of the company life cycle (CLC). The PLC concept has an essential impact on companys strategy in different areas such as finance. The basic issue Ward and Bender explained through their book- is that there are loads of finance textbooks, which explain the theory and put it into some sort of context, but there did not seem to be anything that said look this is what you actually do, and this is why you do it. They started the model with defining the risk in two ways- financial risk and business risk. By financial risk, in the model it specifically means the amount of borro wing a company has in its capital structure. So, if a company has a lot of borrowing then it is taking on a lot of financial risk; if it has no borrowing or gearing at all, then it has got no financial risk. And that way it is easy because it means that business risk is everything else, but business risk really is what it says. In their model, the business risk refers to the volatility of profits and cash flows of a company and that is going to depend on whether it is a younger company or a mature company, what sort of industry it is in and how susceptible it is to the economic cycle. Moreover, to connect the strategy and financial, they put emphasize on the importance of P/E ratio which represents the ratio of current share price to its earnings per share (EPS), where high P/E ratio represents the high potential for growth in future. According to their model, at the beginning stage, venture capital is the main source of financing the operations in any company and will remain the main source of funding until the company will start heading towards the maturity stage. According to the model, at the launch stage, the business risk is so high because of the product risk in the new market and low operating income (or some time even suffering losses), so to create the balance it with the financial risk the company should not borrow to keep the financial risk low. Static trade-off theory also supports the opinion that a firm in growth stage should not finance with debt because of the high bankruptcy cost. There is also no benefit in tax with expenditure of interest because of their low revenue. Moreover if a company try to finance it business with debt at the launch stage it might lose the opportunity to increase its revenue or minimizes its losses as it has to pay interest on the fund acquired through debt. And when the company is unknown and the business risk is high at this stage and it is likely that company might suffer initial losses, borrowing does not soun d an attracting option for funding as it will create an imbalance between financial risk and business risk. And also at this stage, according to the model, it is wise no to pay dividend as company has not sufficient earnings to pay out. Ward also mention that at this stage the P/E ration of the company is normally high because of the low earning per share (EPS). Even at the growth stage the company is still facing high business risk as it has to pay promotional expenses for increasing the sales. At this stage company can enter in to small stock market to raise their equity from the broader range of equity investors and keep the level of its financial risk still low. Despite of that many companies still fail to manage the rapid growth sales, so it is wise not to go for borrowing at this stage as well and finance should be taken from capital market in the form of equity and by retaining the profit of the company and company should pay small dividend to keep the investors interest i n the company (Bender Ward, 2003). Capital structure may be influenced by the firms life stages, as needs for funds may change with the changing circumstances of the firms from equity to cheap source of financing that is debt (Bender Ward, 1993). It is not always advisable for mature company to only use equity financing therefore, company should use debt financing in order to balance companys finance and business risk in particular circumstances during the maturity stage. Damodaran (2001) also proposed that expanding and high-growth firms would finance themselves primarily with equity mostly through venture capital and when it enters in the maturity stage, the funding would be replaced by debt. Likewise in the Bender and Ward model also, as the company progress towards the maturity, the business risk tends to reduces and at this stage, company can think of taking the advantage of borrowed money from the market to decrease its cost of equity by the mean of cheap debt. As company moves from equity to debt financing, its financial risk gradually increases as it uses more and more debt financing. Since the potential opportunity for growth is low, the money is not working hard in the business and now company should start to repay the invested amount to its shareholders in form of dividends. Now at the declining stage, company knows that what is going to happen, so here it should use debt financing for the business activities because the business risk is low at this stage. Dividend should increase to its maximum level at this stage as the opportunity for growth is very low. At this stage, the principle source of finance that is debt is associated with high financial risk, which offsets the low business. Critical Evaluation of the Model Looking from the practicality of the model, Bender and Ward model seems very attractive and guides company how, when and by what mean to raise money. Nevertheless, what about the companies (industry) which are already at the maturity stage. However, their model finds difficulty to answer this question, as these mature companies want growth. Their model simply adopts the PLC model and extended it to company life cycle. Another consideration about their model is that the PLC is not following the classical mode of theorising and since their model is based on PLC, the weaknesses of the PLC can also affect their model (Sion 2012). It is not clear that the PLC is a concept, theory, model or framework? Management only looks for the practicality of the model but what is the underlying theory behind that which is missing in bender and wards model. It is also not necessary that all the companies go through all the stages of the life cycle. It is not unusual for product to gain second life or even reincarnation that can help companies to progress from maturity stage not to decline or death but to fresh period of repaid growth. And now a day, many companies borrow money from the financial institutes as they are the cheap sources of financing and government also provides financial support for companies to start the business and encourage them for borrowing and also help the mature companies or industries to bring them back to the growth track. There is also a lot of confusion about the fact that what kind of evidence can prove the model. There are number of mature companies who have no dividend which is against their model. It is also not clear that what kind of hypothesis can prove or disprove the model. Moreover, the model is over emphasized on finance and give relatively low importance to the strategy thus difficulties can be found to interlink finance and strategy. In addition, the concept of value is also not very defined in their model; however, they came very close to define the value in their model. For linking strategy and finance together, value can be considered the main concept that is required to interlink these two disciplines. However, their model gives more weight to finance and thus it misses the link with strategy. The value is behind their model but they did not realize the actual value, which arises from the consumption of the financial resources and utility. The model is developed by using PLC idea but there are many other strategic theories like porters five force, value chain, generic strategy which are well defined in terms of value and can help to interlink finance and strategy together. One of the limitations of the PLC is that it cannot predict the length of the each stage of the life cycle and also cannot forecast the sales accurately. Although the PLC stages concept provides the manager directions about the changes of characteristics of companies and diagnosis tool to direct the company to reach and keep their b est life stage. However the limitation of the model is that it is not clear that when and how a company should raise the money as the model fails to predict the length of each stage and as a result company cannot clearly decide when the best time to use debt funding is. The PLC also assumes that the entire product passes through these four stages of the life cycle. If this is correct then the company must enter to decline stage after the maturity stage and company usually wants to avoid this stage. In reality, as said earlier, a product can rebirth after the maturity stage and can avoid the decline stage by improving the quality of the product and thus it can again enter in the growth stage. Another possibility is that a product may perform so badly at the launch stage because of the poor marketing strategy and thus it straight away move towards the declining stage of the life cycle. And bender and ward has applied the same concept of PLC in their model, so these limitations of PLC are directly affecting their model. In addition to these, another criticism against their model comes from the MM theory developed by Modigliani and Miller (1958). According to their theory, borrowing can help small companies to grow rapidly as borrowing supports the sales increase and consequently the growth of the company. They argued that the change in debt-equity ratio will not affect the value of the company and as a company increases its debt the overall cost of equity tends to decreases and shareholders bear higher risk due to the increased possibility of the bankruptcy. Also the agency problem is missing in Bender and Ward model. In their model it is not clear who controls the company, managers who are the agents or the shareholders who are the source of financing at the launch and maturity stage? And one of the important criticisms against their model is risk. In their model the business risk is keep on declining as the company progresses to maturity and decline so the q uestion arises here is that what motives company to proceed to decline stage? It is not clear in their model. Although there are lots of limitation for the model, Bender and Ward are the first one who came with the concept to link finance and strategy together, and it is impossible for any model to meet out all the necessary criteria in the relevant field of research. Despite of that, there are also lots of advantages of their model. The interesting thing about the model is that it is very simple to understand and managers can use it easily to grow their business and change the financial sources for the company over the stages of the organization life cycle. The model gives crucial weight to venture capital for any company as it is the best way of financing the new business at the launch and maturity stage which keeps the balance between business and financial risk and when the company is in mature stage it can use debt funding. Adding to this, their model clearly identifies the high risk of borrowing and kept risk grounded to the firm level, which can help to company to avoid the credit crisis. Frielinghaus, Moster and Firer (2005) also conclude that capital structure life stage asserts that more debt should be utilised by firms as they mature, but they also have mentioned that there is a little test has been done to test this model empirically. It also helps people to understand the difference between junior and major stock markets which will help them to guide in their financial decision. Although the model is not tested against the evidence so far, it can be tested against the real situation of the companies in the stock markets. Porters budge Others might still give the importance to the simplicity of the model and will criticise the model, however, complexities can be built into the model. An important step in improving the model is taken by Sion by introducing the porters bulge derived using the porters five forces model. Many companies who are at the growth stage want to remain at this stage for longer period. But the potential high growth attracts entry and rivalry in the industry which can shake out the present companys life cycle and that is where the PLC and Porters five force model can be combined together to improve the model. In porters bulge, Sion introduced three new stages in the life cycle of a company by taking into account the industry in which a company operates, shaping between growth and maturity stage which are new entries, rivalry and shake-out. The five-force model will help to compare bender and ward model and can bring different point of view which can affect the company at the growth stage. A t the growth stage, the industry attracts the potential entrants and that can cause the market share of a company. At this stage, a company might experience slow but positive growth in sale, no growth in sale or a negative growth in sale and then accelerates with rapid pace depending on the rivalry increased because of the new entrants. At this stage a company will face stifle decline earlier in the life cycle but with the help of differentiation or new product introduction or developing alternative use of the old product can help the company to avoid the initial decline stage (porters bulge) in their sales. The introduction of revitalized product will smoothen the porters bulge. This idea of Sion is supported by the from the real world as many growing companies continuously keep on spending on the research and development to introduce new product every year to remain in the growth stage for longer period of time. But the problem with this is that competitors might also follow th e same trend and some time the company which is not able to compete in this kind of environment will straight away face the declining stage before the maturity period of the life cycle because of the shakeout in the industry. Another concern is that the five-force model assumes the neoclassic economics and perfect market which are not robust enough the present financial situations (crisis). It isolates the finance from the capital market, business and accounting. Conclusion The points Bender and Ward are trying to pull out very simply are that one can take a life cycle model of the company and can correlate what business risk and financial risk looks like over the life cycle, adjusting it for the type of business that the company is in. And say in these early stages company need equity it doesnt matter that debt is cheap, it need equity and this is what dividend policy should be and this is the type of investments it should be making and this is how it should be funding them. And then the message, as move through the life cycle and through the book, is company can make it more complex after this, but the only reason for complexity is if it benefits company rather than its investment bank. Its basically a practical guide to corporate finance for people who do understand a little bit of the theory. Their model also explains what the corporate financial strategy is all about and how a company should raise money throughout the life cycle of the company a nd how it should apply the money within the business. The link between Bender and Ward model and Porters five-force model can also help to connect the finance and strategy as these two models are interconnected with each other. To further evaluate the model, it will be required to analyse the number of companies where the focus should mainly be on the launching and growing companies to test the practicality of the model. This will help to fully understand the model from both qualitative and quantitative. Words count: 3039

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Roman And The Roman s Road - 1169 Words

For years, I have been taught and has used the Roman’s Road in leading someone to Christ. Marked in my early bibles are Roman 3:23, 5:8, 6:23, 10:9-10 and 10:13. I was instructed to first have the individual realize that YOU ARE a sinner. -Romans 3:23 states, For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We are ALL sinners. But, God loves us and He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins. Next to realize that God Loves them. Romans 5:8 says, But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. There is no greater love than that someone would lay down their life for a friend. That s what Christ did for us. Then, without Him, you re literally doomed. Romans†¦show more content†¦It was not until Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren, published â€Å"The Purpose Driven Life†, that the idea of discipleship reached every member of a congregation. No longer was disciple-making limited to t he leadership of the church. My church participated in the Purpose Driven Life 40-Day Campaign and had 35 cell groups in the surrounding neighborhood. Krallman’s book does the same think. He outlines that the Jesus as we all know, taught and discipled disciples before the ascension to heaven. He demonstrated that the pure act of discipleship: being together in one accord to impact for achievement is at the core of impartation. Krallman puts it this way, â€Å"people imparting life to other people.† This impartation is usually done by the discipler to his disciples to introduce them to a new realm, expose them to precepts and principles needed to lead from that position. This was all what we saw Jesus do while he was here on this earth. After completing the assignment on earth, Jesus ascended to heaven. Jesus advised his disciples that the Holy Spirit (of mentorship) will bring about remembrance of all things taught (John 14:26). In other words, to guide and be with them. Therefore, at this point the Holy Spirit served as their mentor not as a Discipler. For me, this is how a disciple should prepare a new convert for Christian maturity. Once you can discern that such convert can grasp the basic precepts of Christian living, then comes the leading ofShow MoreRelatedRoman Roads1495 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Roman Roads: An Empire Connected LVV4U1 December 16, 2013 â€Å"Man has always moved along a road. It’s just what the road has looked like that’s changed over time† (Dan McNichol). Some would say that the legacy of the Roman Empire is viewed as the foundation of civilization, having influenced every aspect of modern society, from literature to mathematics. Even today, Roman law and foundation of government forms the basis of several modern democracies. The ancient Empire`s monuments stillRead MoreThe Silk Road1345 Words   |  6 PagesThe Silk Road united China and the Roman Empire economically, but the territories and cities in-between the two empires truly were the backbone of the Silk Road. The webbed trade routes had a strong impact that they lasted for over 1000 years. The greatness of both nations and their accomplishments economically are astonishing and have changed the history of the world through culture, war, disease, religion, and technology. Culturally the spread of languages and major religions in the wor ld todayRead MoreRome and Its Lasting Impression on the World1538 Words   |  7 PagesThe Roman Empire and Its Influence on Western Civilization Rome s vast empire lasted for an amazing one thousand-year reign. Half of it referred to as the republic, and the other as the empire. However, after its fall in 5oo-a.d. Rome has still remained in existence through its strong culture, architecture, literature, and even religion (Spielvogel 175). Even after its disappearance as a nation Rome left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. Its ideals and traditions have been immolatedRead MoreEngineering Architects Impacted Our Life Today1051 Words   |  5 Pages Engineering Architects impacted our life today and Rome s life many years ago. If you don t think that engendering and Architects are the greatest impact, then what is? Think about this what would happen if these things were never created how would we live today. Roman was a very powerful city. Rome was very efficient they created many magnificent structures weather it s building, art or langue. Rome was a very powerful city but slowly it started to loss it powerRead MoreThe Civilization Of Ancient Rome1595 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom the sixth century BC to the fifth century AD. The Roman Empire was the second empire to conquer most of the Mediterranean Sea basin, the first being the Ancient Greeks. After taking over the former Greek Empire, the Romans assimilated many aspects of Greek culture into their own, including the Greek Architecture. The main attributions to Ancient Roman architecture are cement, the arch, the vault, the dome and centralized road systems. The Roman Architectural Revolution is also known as the ConcreteRead MoreThe Achaemenid Era Of The Persian Empire1652 Words   |  7 PagesBabylon and King of the four corners of the world.† (Cyrus) Although this would not be the furthest reaches of the Empire Cyrus had now made the Persian Empire one of the largest and most powerful Empires in the World. After his death in 530 BCE Cyrus s son, Cambyces II, continued to expand the empire, most notably conquering conquer Egypt. (SNT p. 141) Once established, the Persian Empire followed the mindset that was established by Cyrus in that they were an â€Å"autocratic but a culturally tolerantRead MoreROMAN EMPIRE AND THE HAN DYNASTY IN CHINA1441 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ROMAN EMPIRE AND THE HAN DYNASTY IN CHINA Rodrick Carter HIEU 201 Liberty University 29 November 2014 Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty in China The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty in China are two kingdoms that, despite the geographical difference between them, managed to achieve great success and failure in equal measure. Both were characterized by imperial dynasties that were headed by the emperors and they held large territories. Both of these kingdoms faced various challenges afterRead MoreComparing The Achaemenid Empire And The Imperial Stability And Prosperity Were Cyrus And Darius1638 Words   |  7 Pagesgeographically distinct civilizations such as the Parthians and Romans drew inspiration from Persians. Although Persian economic policies were enacted by later cultures, the Achaemenid Empire predominantly benefited later civilizations through modeling intelligent leadership that was primarily focused on refining administrative techniques and unifying society. Achaemenid rulers influenced the political systems of the Greeks and Romans through establishing and managing self-governing provinces. WhenRead MoreRome : The Capital City Of Italy Essay944 Words   |  4 PagesRome is the capital city of Italy, situated in the central-western Italian Peninsula. The historical context of Rome begins at around 753 B.C.E. Rome s initial relocation was in a portion of different early ethnicities, such as, Etruscans, Latins, and Sabines, eventually populating the city as the capital of the Roman Monarchy, Republic, and Empire. For around 244 years, Rome was represented by a monarchy. Over the 244 year time span, â€Å"there were seven rulers to control the kingdom, in sequentialRead MoreRoman Empire And The Han Dynasty Contrast912 Words   |  4 PagesRoman Empire and the Han Dynasty Contrast Rise of the Roman Empire The Roman Empire is still known today as one of history’s most powerful period. Rome government had stick rules and policies. The Roman government at this point was known as the Roman Republic. The Roman Republic was controlled by the roar Rome. Bureaucracy was ran throughout the region, but Rome did not want this nor could they afford it. However, they did allow small cities to run a lower level of government. The exercise

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Homework Questions free essay sample

What famous literary works became the basis for Romantic operas? Chapter 35, p. 299 1 . How did the traditional system of tonality break down in the early twentieth century and what replaced It? 2. How did composers change their approach to the orchestra in early twentieth-century music? How did they approach form? Chapter 36, p. 312 1 . What elements made Stravinsky Rite of Spring shocking to its first audiences? Is it still shocking today?Chapter 39, p. 339 2. What qualities in the music of Aaron Copeland are particularly American? Chapter 41, p. 362 1 . How did George Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein both straddle the worlds of Classical and popular music? 2. What is the literary basis for Porgy and Bess? How does this story differ from other musicals at the time? 3. What Is the literary basis for West Side Story? What does this story share with Porgy and Bess? Chapter 42, p. 371 1. How does the music for film contribute to the drama of the story? 2. We will write a custom essay sample on Homework Questions or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page How does JohnWilliams unify his films through the music? Chapter 18, p. 135 2. How is the suite an international genre? Chapter 19, p. 139 1 . How did composers achieve both unity and contrast in the concerto? 2. What musical techniques did Vivaldi employ in La Primeval to depict the Imagery of spring? Chapter 23, p. 180 1 . How did Classical composers vary the standard structure of the symphony? 2. What contributions did Haydn make to the genre of the symphony? Chapter 24, p. 185 How is the virtuosic ability of the performer displayed in the Classical concerto?Chapter 30, p. 243 1 . What is Romantic about the program and music of Berliners Symphony Fantastical? 2. What are some ways that nationalism is reflected in nineteenth- century music? Chapter 31, p. 251 1 . What remains classical about the treatment of absolute music in the Romantic era? What is romantic about these structures? 2. How would you describe expressive devises (melody and harmony, for example) of Romantic composers of the symphony and concerto? Chapter 43, p. 382 1 . From which diverse musical styles did rock originate?

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King Lear Essays (1107 words) - King Lear, Goneril, Regan, Cordelia

King Lear King lear Assignment English OAC Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear is a detailed description of the consequences of one man's decisions. This fictitious man is Lear, King of England, who's decisions greatly alter his life and the lives of those around him. As Lear bears the status of King he is, as one expects, a man of great power but sinfully he surrenders all of this power to his daughters as a reward for their demonstration of love towards him. This untimely abdication of his throne results in a chain reaction of events that send him through a journey of hell. King Lear is a metaphorical description of one man's journey through hell in order to expiate his sin. As the play opens one can almost immediately see that Lear begins to make mistakes that will eventually result in his downfall. The very first words that he speaks in the play are :- ...Give me the map there. Know that we have divided In three our kingdom, and 'tis our fast intent To shake all cares and business from our age, Conferring them on younger strengths while we Unburdened crawl to death... (Act I, Sc i, Ln 38-41) This gives the reader the first indication of Lear's intent to abdicate his throne. He goes on further to offer pieces of his kingdom to his daughters as a form of reward to his test of love. Great rivals in our youngest daughter's love, Long in our court have made their amorous sojourn, And here are to be answered. Tell me, my daughters (Since now we will divest us both of rule, Interest of territory, cares of state), Which of you shall we say doth love us most? That we our largest bounty may extend where nature doth with merit challenge. (Act I, Sc i, Ln 47-53) This is the first and most significant of the many sins that he makes in this play. By abdicating his throne to fuel his ego he is disrupts the great chain of being which states that the King must not challenge the position that God has given him. This undermining of God's authority results in chaos that tears apart Lear's world. Leaving him, in the end, with nothing. Following this Lear begins to banish those around him that genuinely care for him as at this stage he cannot see beyond the mask that the evil wear. He banishes Kent, a loyal servant to Lear, and his youngest and previously most loved daughter Cordelia. This results in Lear surrounding himself with people who only wish to use him which leaves him very vulnerable attack. This is precisely what happens and it is through this that he discovers his wrongs and amends them. Following the committing of his sins, Lear becomes abandoned and estranged from his kingdom which causes him to loose insanity. While lost in his grief and self-pity the fool is introduced to guide Lear back to the sane world and to help find the lear that was ounce lost behind a hundred Knights but now is out in the open and scared like a little child. The fact that Lear has now been pushed out from behind his Knights is dramatically represented by him actually being out on the lawns of his castle. The terrified little child that is now unsheltered is dramatically portrayed by Lear's sudden insanity and his rage and anger is seen through the thunderous weather that is being experienced. All of this contributes to the suffering of Lear due to the gross sins that he has committed. The pinnacle of this hell that is experienced be Lear in order to repay his sins is at the end of the play when Cordelia is killed. Lear says this before he himself dies as he cannot live without his daughter. Howl, howl, howl! O, you are men of stones. Had I your tongues and eyes, I'd use them so That heaven's vault should crack. She's gone for ever! I know when one is dead, and when one lives. She's dead as earth. Lend me a looking glass. If that her breath will mist or stain the stone, Why, then she lives. (Act V, Sc iii, Ln 306-312) All of this pain that Lear suffered is traced back to the single most important error that he made. The choice to give up his throne. This one sin has proven to have massive repercussions upon Lear and the lives of those around him eventually killing almost all of those who were involved. And one is left to ask one's self if a single wrong turn can do this to Lear then what difficult corner lies ahead

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buy custom Uniform Commercial Code essay

buy custom Uniform Commercial Code essay Introduction The Uniform Commercial Code a project initially by the American Law Institute (ALI) and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) is a set of statutes adopted by 49 states to govern the business processes among merchants and customers. It was first formulated in the 1952 in the effort to harmonize commercial transactions in all the 50 states of the United States of America. It is so far the longest and most homogeneous act in use by several states. The law has seven parts each recognized in accordance to the mandate it carries. Article 2 deals with sale of goods while the Article 2A deals with leases of the same. I will discuss in details the role of Article 2 in the next paragraphs (John, 1991). The general construction of Article 2 Article2 (sales) has seven parts with each providing a set of guidelines on the artifacts of sales. It deals with the selling of goods, acceptance of offers and terms and conditions of the sale itself. Moreover, it includes the warranties which form part of the sale. It allows for an experienced commercial lawyer to come in negotiating for the sales persons. The section 2102 of Article 2, effective as from the first of January 1964, states that it applies to all transactions on goods only unless the context necessitates otherwise. It therefore does not apply to the security transactions and other sales definitions. Furthermore, it doesnt apply to the sale of services with the exception of a situation where the context dictates so. It gives the definitions of the elements that form part of the sales the contract relate terms and the related concepts considering the situations in which each is to apply in the business context .Its section 2103 (1) imposes definitions to the following sales terms: a) A buyer implies one who buys or contract s goods. b) Good faith is taken to mean the observance of the fairness c) Consumer has the meaning of an individual who either purchases or contracts to purchase goods. d) A consumer contract the deal between the seller and the buyer. e) Delivery is the volunteer transportation of the goods to the buyers destination. f) Goods are all that are movable at the time of sale or contract There are other definitions given by this section and the second, third, fourth and fifth sections of this article. More important is the view of the formation and determination of a valid contract. The definitions are important aspects in the realization of the laws. Contract formation There are guidelines regarding the contract formation that must be followed to the later as directed by the statute. Before the contract can be formed, goods to be transacted must be in existence and not just a tale or future plans. The sale of a part of the identified goods is allowed for. The quantity of goods to be sold is a choice left to the buyer and an agreement with the seller is respectable. These guideline and the definitions of lots (a single entity of sale or delivery) and commercial bulk (a single whole) in section 5 govern the contract goods subject matter. The contracts and agreements according to the context of the article are considered valid and irrevocable until the time state (up to 3 months being default) and must be appended a signature. The offer to buy goods by timely shipment attracts the approval by either timely shipment or by an agreement to ship. However, S2-206(1) provides for the alternative to have it not conforming to the goods in question. The termination of the contract is observed when either of the party pursues through the existing law to put an end to the contract. And cancellation is allowed if one party breaks a law governing the contract. Failure to state the price will not hinder the contract formation and a requirement contract assignment can be made if the sated assignment is not appropriate. In order to maintain the contract, there are rules that should not be breached. These include the provision for perfect tender, nonconforming goods, reasonable requirements outputs, security grounds and good faith standards (Perry, 2010). Contract breach The elements of a good contract include: offer, acceptance, considerations and capacity to enter into a contract, intent and legality. If these are not in place, the defender breaches the contract, the plaintiff performed all the obligations before making for a lawsuit or notified the defendant on the breach (preferably in writing) and there are damages then the contract is breached. The provisions for sale by a third party are provided for by the law. It considers the sale of minerals or materials to be removed from reality as a contract of sale of good as long as the purported present of sale is in existtence as a contract to sell. The law advocates for the existence of a recording as a notice to the third party. It requires that the sale of property must be approved by a notice to the third party under the buyers rights. It ensures that the contracts integrity is maintained. In an example let us consider a purchase of roofing tile. A seller has an option to get the tiles to the buyer or not. If the seller is not willing to do so, the buyer has an option to find the tiles somewhere else. The seller agrees to send the buyer 100 tons of tiles on 3rd March at $500 per ton. If the seller calls the buyer on the 15th of February to report that he cant produce the required number of tiles on time, the buyer is left with options. If the market price has gone up (say $800 per ton) and the buyer has to find another seller, he can go on with the purchase from the new company under the new agreement and sue the first contractor for the extra money he will pay for the tile. The original seller is obliged to make for buyers the cover. In the second scenario, the new company approached delivers the tiles at the time the initial company could have. The first company has a right to as well sue the buyer for failure to mitigate the damages. In this case the statute of fraud rules that the sale of goods that cost over $500 must be in writing comes in. the exception that is obvious is the case where a merchant is selling goods to another merchant and this transaction not being the first one they have had. Hence the contract must not be in writing. The Parol Evidence Rule is meant to prevent a party from presenting evidence to contradict what the writing says. It is allowed if the writing is incomplete, not the original, ambiguous, mistake or not true. If there was a mistake in the contract between the tile buyer and seller then the rule can come in. Section 2A202 of the Uniform Commercial Code provides for such kind of obligations. It also provide for the guide on what action to take in the case of frauds. Conclusion The Uniform commercial code was put in place to provide a guide on the transactions on goods. It has seven parts that cover the questions that can arise in the commercial businesses and their set of solutions as per the agreements set. Part two of this statue (Article 2) is intended to provide guidelines on the sale of goods. It doesnt include services. It has seven sections that provide for the definitions of the elements of the transactions as well as the rules to guide the sales of goods. Buy custom Uniform Commercial Code essay

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Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Assignment Example Multi vary analysis provide full information on how a shift and a machine are factors, besides giving a full breakdown for one to determined which of the factors are involved, and from which sequence to the other without quantifying any of the factors ( Fay, M.P. & Proschan, M.A., 2010, pp. 1–39). It is indeed described as a perfect tool in the determination of where the variability will originate within the sequence of processes since it does not require manipulation of the independent variables or process parameters. Strengths of a multi-vary Chart is that: it provides visual alternatives to analysis of variance; they allow for the display of positional or cyclical variations in processes, and to study variations within a subgroup(s); and, providing an overall view of the factor effects based on the visualized sources of variations in a single diagram. For instance, the multi-chart below illustrates differences that exist between two call centers in terms of customer categor ies (green buttons), requests types (black and white symbols) and call centers (red buttons). It is epitomized that waiting durations are tentatively larger at M call center as compared to S call center. Instrumental variable (IV) Regression This is a broad approach of obtaining a regular estimator of the indefinite measurements of the population’s recession purpose whenever the regression, X, is correlated with the error term u. one has to think of the variable in X as having two parts: the first part that, for whatever reason, is correlated with u, and a second part that is not correlated with u. In case one has information that can allow him or her to effectively isolate the second section, to enable for a focus on the variables in X that bias the OLS estimates. Information based on movement in X that is uncorrelated with u is gleaned from one or more additional variables, known as the instrumental variables or in some cases, instruments. Therefore, instrumental variables regression applies the additional variables as tools of instruments in isolating the movements in X that are uncorrelated with u, which in turn permit consistent estimation of the regression coefficients. The main key to achieving successful empirical analysis using instrumental variables is through finding valid instruments. Instrument Variable can hence be used in addressing issues to do with threats to internal validity such as: omitted variable bias from a variable correlated with X but is unobserved, to obstruct its inclusion in the regression; errors-in-variables bias; and, simultaneous causality bias. T-Test This analysis tool evaluates if the means of two sets are statistically dissimilar to one another. The t-test is used for testing differences between two means. So as to use a t-test, the same variable has to be measured in varied groups, at varied times, or in comparison to a known population mean. The shared applications of the t-test analysis systems involve testing th e dissimilarities existing between independent clusters, and analysis the differences concerning depended sets. In a T-test analysis, statistical assumption made are that most of its cases have the form t is equal to Z/s, a case of which Z and s are data functions. One-way ANOVA A one-way analysis of variance is a method of testing the